Mobilising all Generations

The creation of communal outdoor-gyms has gained more and more media attention in the last few years as well the idea that sports and leisure activities should more readily available locally in parks and green spaces near or in residential areas. The playfit® series of exercise equipment encompasses a wide range of models for every setting and different age and/or user groups.

In addition, training exercises based on modern sports concepts were developed to encourage regular training at these outdoor-gyms under the supervision of qualified trainers.

Outdoor-Fitnessgeräte von playfit®

playfit® - More Exercise for Improved Vitality

Our aim is to help improve health across all generations and encourage and motivate people to exercise more by using playfit® devices.

playfit®: a wide range of devices for different user groups

We provide a huge range of exercise equipment which can be used to train the entire body.
The user is a fundamental part of our philosophy at playfit®. It is paramount to us that all people can use our exercise equipment, whether young or old, from the novice to the athlete as well as members of the community with physical or mental impairments. The playfit® devices can be individually combined to allow for an adaptive training for every type of user.

Übersicht Playfit® Bewegungsparcours


Playfit® Bewegungsparcours

playfit® exercise equipment is universally deployable.

A playfit® fitness-park is an open-air exercise area and a place for intergenerational communication. Whether alone or in small groups, under supervision or individually – a broad user base with different training ambitions and abilities is catered for.

Read more at playfit fitness parks.

We offer even more!

Playfit® Bewegungsparcours

playfit® and TAFISA enter into exclusive partnership: playfit® became a partner of the international association for popular sport in January 2018

The Trim and Fitness International Sport for All Association e.V. (TAFISA) is the leading association for popular sport worldwide. TAFISA has approximately 300 member organisations in over 160 countries. The association aims to encourage more people to participate in popular sport. The organisation was founded in September 1991 in Bordeaux. The mission and aims of TAFISA and playfit® are closely aligned. The main objective of TAFISA are to get more people from all over the world active, regardless of their race, gender, age, socio-economic status and physical/mental abilities. The organisation's political goal is to emphasise the crucial role popular sport can play in fighting obesity and inactivity across the globe.

This strong alliance between playfit® and TAFISA has provided a solid basis for effectively promoting popular sports throughout Europe and the rest of the world. TAFISA's network, programme and events provide the perfect complement to playfit®'s equipment. The two are now working together to promote the global 'Sport for All' movement.

One of the most important goals playfit® and TAFISA share is to make the positive effects of physical activity more widely accessible to different groups in society. In a world where inactivity is a serious issue, it is important to take action and support measures that aim to make sport and exercise a part of people's everyday lives. Communities play an important role in this process because they can use their wide-reaching networks of social institutions such as schools, childcare facilities, sports clubs, retirement homes, workplaces, etc. to reach out to all citizens in a targeted fashion. In partnership with the IOC, TAFISA has developed the 'Active City' programme, which has already been successfully implemented in many cities worldwide, including Buenos Aires, Lillehammer, Liverpool, and many more. In Germany, Hamburg participates in the programme, alongside a number of other cities.
The association has partnerships with the  International Olympic Committee (IOC), UNESCO and the WHO (World Health Organization).


Playfit® Bewegungsparcours

We at playfit® do not regard ourselves only as manufacturers of exercise equipment - but are also passionate about their intended use. To this effect, we also provide a comprehensive exercise routine with which users may find training possibilities in addition to the already intuitive use of the equipment. Feel free to view some examples here.


Playfit® Bewegungsparcours

The playfit® company considers itself as an ambassador for the idea and concept of fitness parks. We invest regularly in programmes (and even initiate studies) aimed at promoting the general acceptance and popularity of fitness parks.

For a selection of studies: see below or (sorry, only available in German for the time being) here.

Prof. Dr. Wolf-Dietrich Brettschneider about playfit

„Scientific evidence and indications from neuroscience point in this direction: Exercise increases the vitality of young and old:  he (or she) that exercises stays fit longer – mentally and physically. The design and function of playfit® machines are very motivating and they allow young as well as old people to profit from a regular training by the great variety of exercises. Thereby the machines help to promote physical and mental fitness: the mental and physical abilities should be kept up by a regular training – he (or she) who moves wins twice-over. I consider playfit® equipment to be a convincing and diverse system.” For further Statements.

We ascribe great importance to quality

TÜV SÜD - Geprüfte Sicherheit

playfit® equipment is made of stainless steel: a combination of high-quality and attractive design.

The devices carry the highly valued German GS-Mark for “Geprüfte Sicherheit” (Tested and Approved  Safety) and are certified according to the DIN EN 16630:2015 safety norm by the TÜV Süd organisation of Germany.

At playfit® we value quality and sustainability very highly. This is reflected in our motto, "playfit®: get motivated, get moving". As such, we are currently introducing an operational environmental management system. As part of the first phase of the project, we are set to receive "ÖKOPROFIT" certification by Autumn 2018.  ÖKOPROFIT " Ökologisches Projekt für integrierte Umwelttechnik" is a project for the economic strengthening of companies through preventive environmental protection with the aim of improving the environmental situation in regions where the programme is implemented.


playfit® fitness trail in Hanau (Germany): project launched in 2011 by Hesse Ministry of Social Affairs (Hessisches Sozialministerium) was chosen as a Good Practice Project in the EU wide campaign European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012.


playfit® fitness trails made subject of an academic study in the state of Hesse.
In summer 2011 the Hesse regional government carried out an academic study about a playfit® fitness trail in the Hanau Schloßgarten [palace garden]. The results obtained by the universities concerning the physical benefit are extremely   positive. A further study concerning the social and psycho-logical effects of the fitness trail reveals what is most definitely a positive change in the perceived quality of life of the test subjects. The playfit® press release and the guidelines "Exercise for Health in Old Age".


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