Main Functions

The balance course improves concentration, coordination, and balance.

Instructions for Use

The balance course is made up of three different sets of balancing equipment with different difficulty levels, each 4m long.



A stainless steel beam mounted on a frame that enables movements from side to side. The moving beam requires high levels of concentration and body tension in order to maintain balance over the whole distance.



A one-strand rope set at a height of 30cm between two stainless steel posts. Like the slackline, the slack rope trains the sensorimotor system, but provides the possibility of training in other positions.

There are a range of positions that can be adopted with the slack rope that improve balance in a number of ways. The slack rope enables you to train the sensorimotor system at your own personal performance limits.



Balancing along the stainless steel fixed beam is more easy than walking along the balancing beam or the slak rope.


Walk along the fixed beam, moving beam or the slackline as desired to improve your balance. Support yourself on the handrail if required. Change direction. Alternative: try to keep your balance while moving forwards, backwards or sideways.