Main Functions

Works out supporting muscle structures, arm and shoulder muscles and (depending on the exercise) the abdominal muscles.

Stretching improves the flexibility of all the important structures in the body.

Instructions for Use

Stand in the middle of the beam with both arms stretched out for balance. Hold the support bar with your arms stretched out for a few seconds to get your balance.

For more of a challenge, try alternately bending and stretching your arms. Keep your upper body straight. Don't bend your elbows more than 90°.

Alternative exercises using the support rails:

  • Swing your legs forwards and backwards in a parallel position .
  • Pull your left and right legs upwards alternately. Alternatively, move both knees up and down at the same time.
  • Stretch your legs forward at a 90 degree angle and hold.

The bars can also be used for various stretching exercises.