Calisthenics is a new type of physical training that is rapidly gaining popularity, especially among young people. No specific equipment is required for training because the exercises work exclusively with your body weight.

Whether your goal is to build up strength, increase your fitness levels or learn a specific movement, calisthenics offers flexibility, body control and a fun way to get moving. There is a wide range of exercises to choose from. People of all ages, abilities and almost any weight category can do a calisthenics workout. And the best part: Calisthenics offers complete freedom and a personalised workout routine.

Every single person has different requirements, which means the range of training options has to be broad and offer plenty of options. Calisthenics equipment can be used as required by each individual person: to provide a healthy way to spend leisure time in public parks, for physical education in schools or for performance-oriented training in sports clubs.

Main Functions

Full-body workout, improves body control and flexibility.

Instructions for Use

A variety of gymnastics and body exercises are possible: Our calisthenics equipment is made up primarily of wall bars, climbing frames and other bars, as well as a range of pull up bars, which provide a work out using only the body weight of the user.  All bar equipment can be used for various stretching exercises.


Equipment can be mounted and arranged in a way that enables continual development in both the type and scope of movement. The set up can be adapted at any time according to budgetary options or new specialist knowledge that may emerge in the future, making the equipment a sustainable investment.

Modul Basic

Multifunction Unit STANDARD

Multifunction Unit Micro