Duplex Twister

Duplex Twister

Western oriented approach

Turning the body in a spiral manner in a seated position does not only promote the mobility of the spinal column but also relaxes, extends and strengthens the back, hip and stomach muscles at the same time.

Traditional far eastern approach

The gentle rotations mobilise the spine and ease blockages. The turning movement of the torso primarily expands the meridians of the liver/gall bladder and lungs. Energy distribution in the body and vital functions are stimulated. Massage of the lungs stimulates oxygen exchange and hence at the same time brain activity.

Instructions for use

Before starting the exercise make sure that the arrow on the seat or the handgrips are pointing towards the upright support. Sit down on the revolving seat, hold on to the cross bar firmly with both hands, position both feet on the footrest. Rotate the seat by turning left and right.