Happy Big Wheel

Fitness Gerät Beweglichkeitstrainer

Western oriented approach

This whole body exercise particularly addresses the mobility of the shoulders and upper body. The height of the handle of the large wheel means that the torso muscles are stretched, and the turning with both hands contracts it on one side. The whole body is pulled in one turn around its own axis. The chest muscles extend and the shoulders are mobilised. The turning required coordination and a sense of balance.

Traditional far eastern approach

This rotating movement, led via the hands and arms, brings the whole body into a spiral turn. Above all the triple warmer, heart, lungs, large intestine, liver and gall bladder meridians are activated in the process.

Instructions for use

Either: Hold the round hand grip on the rotating disc with one hand. Turn the disc one way and then change direction. Repeat using the other hand.

Or: hold one hand grip on the rotating disc with each hand. Turn the disc in one direction. Continue holding on to the hand grips and follow the movement around by turning on the spot.