Jump and Reach

Western oriented approach

When standing, the body is extended as far as possible. The jumping trains the ability to tense quickly and also dynamic strength in the lower leg and thigh. The interplay of visual judgement and motor skills helps coordination. Inner concentration on a goal puts the body into its maximum extension with full jumping power. During landing the sense of balance is trained.

Traditional far eastern approach

The fully body extension opens the meridians and distributes the energy in the body. The stretch-jump brings a unity of the Yin and Yang energies: In the preparatory concentration phase (Yin) lies the strength with which the active jump (Yang) is exerted. Through the jumping-off and placing the feet back on the ground numerous acupuncture points are stimulated.

Instructions for use

Stand in front of the apparatus. Stretch one hand up as far as you can reach and measure the level on the measuring board. Jump up and touch the measuring board with your finger-tips. The difference in height between the two measurements is your personal jumping height score.