Massage Rub Machine

Fitness Gerät Massagegerät

Western oriented approach

A challenge for fine motor skills, coordination and balance. The small but brisk turning of the wheels mobilises the wrists, elbows and shoulder girdle. The arms are put under a pleasant amount of tension and at the same time the palms are massaged. Circulation is stimulated and a pleasant sense of tension is created in the body. The supporting leg is strengthened and the other leg is relaxed by means of the massage roller.

Traditional far eastern approach

Improves coordination and with it concentration and, through the stimulating massage, creates a gentle flow of energy in the whole body. On the back of the leg, above all the kidney and bladder meridians are addressed and these positively influence the vegetative nervous system and the hormonal balance. It also stimulates lymph flow and circulation. At the same time, the studs on the rotating wheels press on the acupuncture points on the palms. Has an energizing effect and opens up all energy pathways.

Instructions for use

Hand and Arm Exercises:
Hold on to the main upright bar with one hand. Keep the palm of the other hand pressed lightly on the rotating massage disc and begin the exercise by rotating the disc in one direction. Change direction and sides.

Leg exercises:
Hold on to upright bar using one hand. Place the leg closest to the machine on the massage roll: Lower massage roll for the calves, upper massage roll for thighs. Move your leg backwards and forwards on the massage roll.