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Open Rings Ball- und Zielwurfsystem outdoorfitness

Instructions for Use

Using the 'open rings' with special ball: A light ball with pull rope return system that can be thrown through a hoop. A range of options for one or more players, which can be adapted to the individual players' needs. The different sizes and number of rings makes it possible to increase difficulty level.

A little group trip to the 'open rings' makes for a shared experience, which promotes interpersonal encounters and provides the opportunity to make deeper connections with new people and friends alike.  It's also to possible to practice alone, thanks to the light ball with pull rope return system. The 'open rings' system provides a range of options for keeping active.

When using a normal ball, it can be difficult to go back and forth to collect the ball each time. This means that people with reduced mobility require an accompanying person who can bring the ball back for them. Given the current staffing situation in many facilities, this can make regular practice very difficult. What's more, balls 'flying' around everywhere can pose a hazard for other visitors in the park.

For this reason, we recommend using a ball attached to a pull rope, which can be attached to the user's hand or fastened to the user's wheelchair. The small opening on the bottom of each ring means the ball can easily be retrieved. Other objects suitable for throwing can also be used (e.g. frisbees) can also be attached to a pull rope.

Main Functions

Improves mobility and motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination which is required for judging strength and distance. 


People of all ages.