Sit and Cyle

Easy start to your fitness program

The playfit® Sit & Cycle model is an excellent way to improve stamina and is easy on your joints at the same time. Body weight is supported by the seat and the exercise is focused on your leg-muscles. The movements are fluid, easy to carry-out and control and the level of intensity can be dosed according to individual preference.



The playfit® model Sit and Cycle find it’s place in:

  • public parks

  • residential complexes

  • rehabilitation and treatment clinics

  • recreational facilities

  • retirement homes

  • wellness hotels

  • on company premises





  • Gently strengthens the thigh, gluteal and calf muscles without putting any strain on the joints




  • Exercises legs

  • Strengthens muscles

  • Improves stamina and vitality




Sit down on the seat. Lean back and hold onto the handgrips. Place your feet on the pedals and start turning them, moving your legs forwards and backwords using fluent movements.

Carry out this exercise slowly and steadily.

To improve indurence, increase the speed and the length of your training interval. Try to keep your abdominal muscles tensed.


  Product Information

  Model No.


  Maximum number of users


  Maximum user weight

150 kg

  User group

Body height greater than 140 cm (EN 16630)


Stainless Steel and plastic components (ABS)


Plastic components „Flame red“ (RAL 3003) and

black – plastic components can also be supplied

in any other RAL colours


Tested and certified according to EN 16630

  Equipment dimensions

  (Length x Width)


1324 mm x 600 mm

  Height above ground surface

980 mm

  Free height of fall

505 mm

  Movement space

  (Length x Width x Height)


4324 mm x 3600 mm x 2005 mm


Similar Equipment

In addition to the model Sit and Cycle there are also other equipment models with Stamina as the Main Function, e.g. the playfit® Walker or the playfit® Armcycle



Additional Equipment

If you require a set of outdoor-fitness equipment combined in such a way to allow a coordinated exercising schedule please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be most happy to recommend an optimal combination based on recommended fitness-training schedules and sports science while taking into consideration any specific customer requirements.