Taiji Massage Machine

Western oriented approach

Above all, the circular motion trains mobility in the shoulder girdle and the fine motor skills of the arms and hands. As a result of the gentle pressure on the wheels the palms of the hands are massaged. Turning movements in different directions improve coordination and balance.

Traditional far eastern approach

The shoulder trainer combines acupressure and movement. The studs on the rotary wheels massage all the acupuncture points on the palms. The round, circular movements of the arms and shoulders stimulate mainly the lung and large intestine meridians, but also the cardiovascular systems and the triple warmer. Vitality and the metabolism are increased, blockages are eased, breathing becomes calmer and can develop more freely. The fluid motion relaxes the mind and the soul.

Instructions for use

Stand in front of the two rotating discs, legs apart and slightly bent. Place one hand on each of the discs and rotate slowly (either both in the same direction or in opposite directions), keep hands pressed lightly on the discs as you do so.