Waist Back Massage Machine

Western oriented approach

The back massage ensures better circulation and relaxation of the back muscles and hips. The vertical rollers primarily massage the upper shoulder area and depending on how much the body is shifted to the side, even massage the upper arm. The horizontal roller situated lower down massages the lower back. In addition, the leg muscles are strengthened.

Traditional far eastern approach

The therapeutic massage stimulates the nerve pathways along the spine. The main meridians and the governor vessel on the back of the body are stimulated by the massage, and the Qi store replenished. New energies are released and distributed harmoniously.

Instructions for use

Stand with your back to the rotating massage rings. Hold on to the hand grips with both hands.

Vertical rotating massage rings: Move your back left and right across the massage rings.

Horizontal rotating massage ring: Lean against the massage ring with your back and move up and down by bending your knees.