PLAYFIT®: Fitness and Society

The idea to exercise outdoors is not new in Germany. Forty years ago saw the introduction of the first trim-trails (called “Trimm-Dich-Pfade” roughly translated as “do-it-yourself exercise-trails”) as an alternative to organised forms of doing sports such as in sports clubs etc. Even then it was obvious: exercising is an important factor in the realm of public health.

Exercise is a form of medical prevention: the increase in life expectancy means that in 2030 every third person in Germany is expected to be aged above 60 years. Beginning at age 18, the proportion of inactive citizens will probably rise linearly.

 “Those who stay active longer will be more likely to be able to lead an independent life and take part in community life and consequently will be more likely to remain physically and mentally fit” – Stefan Grüttner, Hesse Minister for Social Affairs at the opening ceremony of the playfit® fitness park in Hanau (Germany), June 2011.

“Scientific evidence seems to suggest that regular exercise can lead to a reduction in the frequency and severity of depression and anxiety as well as to better stress-tolerance, an improvement in one’s general mood and sense of well-being.

Social aspects can also play an important role in this respect. A fitness park provides an opportunity to engage socially with others and to “show a red card” to social isolation and stigmatisation” – Prof. Dr. Volker Beck, Social Sciences and Social Work at the University of Darmstadt.

playfit® - Exercises for Everyone

Playfit® Allwettergeräte aus Edelstahl

The attractive equipment is made of stainless steel and installed outdoors. Possible applications for playfit® equipment practically unlimited because it is (amongst other factors):

All-weather equipment, easy to use and uncomplicated.

For people of all ages, irrespective of individual sporting-ambitions and physical abilities.

Can be used in most types of clothing.

PLAYFIT® Exercises and Trainings Concept

Schultertrainer von Playfit®

Regular training can help to improve stamina, strength, agility, co-ordination and strengthen individual psychosocial and health resources.

The playfit® range of equipment addresses important aspects of physical-mobility: co-ordination, strength, endurance, flexibility/stretching, relaxation of the muscles, massage and even stimulation of the senses.

Duplex Rückentrainer

This wide spectrum of training possibilities allows a great deal of flexibility for planning the installation of playfit® outdoor-gyms depending on types of location or intended user-groups: for some users they provide an opportunity for doing work-outs and for others merely a relaxed way to exercise and a venue for social interaction. View more at fitness parks.

Duplex Rückentrainer

For a more rigorous and strength-orientated type of training, playfit® recently introduced a specially developed coaching programme. Nonetheless, it is of course possible to use individual devices at leisure and with training variations without the need for specific instruction under the supervision of a qualified trainer.

Duplex Rückentrainer

Various case-studies have shown there is encouraging scientific evidence supporting the idea that regular training with playfit® equipment even for as short a period as 3 months can lead to an improvement in physical abilities such as leg-power, walking-speed, balance and, in addition, help improve the perceived feeling of well-being.


As part of the exercise and trainings concept, playfit® can supply customized signage:



In Germany, the applicable norm for permanently installed outdoor-fitness-equipment DIN EN 16630:2015 (“Standortgebundene Fitnessgeräte im Außenbereich”) also requires that the starting points of such outdoor-gyms or fitness-parks must include a signboard providing general information for the user.

We can supply signboards with additional information as may be required and including details such as the names of donors, the municipal coat of arms and customized colour-schemes.

Instructional Signposts for each playfit® Model

Hinweisschilder an den Geräten

Clear, easy-to-understand exercise instructions at three different performance levels (easy - medium - hard) and clearly identifiable graphics guarantee users a professional level of training adapted to their own performance level (see left).

For further information about signage (sorry, only available in German for the time being): Ausführliche Informationen zur Beschilderung.

playfit®: modern design in harmony with far-eastern philosophy and exercising methods

playfit® provides the best of both worlds

Tai Chi

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has been widely accepted as a form of medical treatment by health organizations in the west for a long time. TCM also provides the theoretical-framework for physical-exercises aimed at improving co-ordination and physical-flexibility –many pieces of playfit® equipment simulate these kinds of exercises.